What is “Pét-Nat”?

(Photo sourced from punchdrink.com)

Take that “Pét-Nat” home with you.

While many wine-loving folks, natural or not, enjoy a glass of sparkling wine from time to time, there’s a new(-ish) bubbly in town to discover. Pét-nat – pronounced „pet-naa“ – is short for Pétillant Naturel. Simply put, it is translated in English as “naturally bubbling”, which derives from the practice of bottling the wine in the midst of fermentation, and finishes fermentation right in the bottle itself!

There is no “one size fits all” with Pét-nat wine. You’ll find white, orange, red, or rosé Pétillant Naturel style bottles, as it is only the final fermentation process that results in such a product. Dive into an unfamiliar, yet exciting and fun, drinking experience with sparkling wine’s funky cousin. 

On the search for a bottle (or five) to begin your journey with Pét-nats? Unlike Champagne, or even Cremant sparklers, characteristic large cork and wire cap, Pét-nats are often topped off with a modest crown cap that you’d recognize from beer bottles. Many bottles often rock an artsy cool label, a play on the phrase (see our “Pet Mex” offering from Bichi Wines!), a slight cloudy appearance from its unfiltered quality, and typical alcohol range from 9-12%. 

Spice up your sparkling life with Pétillant Naturel, and check out our “sparkling” category often to see what new Pét-nats are available at Saint Joaquin to discover.